BriefLink, a smart way to share secrets

A smart way to share secrets? BriefLink is a free and lightweight cloud-based web application for sharing files, text messages or sensitive URLs with anyone, anywhere. It uses a forced SSL tunnel between the user and our servers to ensure end-to-end encryption when transmitting confidential data. The private temporary links are short and secure for easy sharing (see our features page for more details).

One time sharing is the first purpose of this application, once the recipient opens the link, the secret content is immediately shredded to make sure no one else can access it. If, however, the link is never opened, then the content is also safely deleted after a certain period of time. We don't store your confidential link on our servers, you have the unique copy of it and are free to share it with whomever you like. We only store the unique identifier of your link to be able to match it with your encrypted file, this way even we can't access the link content. Because you don't have to register to use BriefLink, you can stay anonymous. Because it's lightweight, you can use it through Tor or Edge connections. Because it's a cloud-based SaaS, you can use it on any device.