What is BriefLink.io?

BriefLink.io offers temporary links based services. You can create one time secret messages, link redirections or file downloads that will be destroyed on the first opening and share them through a secure link.

Briefly, it's a free cool good-looking service with no registration required for basic features.

How can I use it?

It's painfully simple! Just click on the message button in the navigation bar and enter your message in the text area. After clicking the Generate my secure link button you're shown your secure link, all you have to do next is to send it to the recipient!

Amazing tip: You can use it to share your remote working briefing password.

How secure is it?

Each link has an automatic expiration date of 1 month by default if not opened, and it's instantly expired when opened! When a link is expired, the file he is linked to is immediately destroyed.

In one sentence, your secure link is like 007's self-destructing briefcase!

Is there any newsletter I can subscribe to?

We don't really like newsletters as they are bad for the planet and oftentimes end up in the spam box. Instead, news will be displayed directly on the website news page very soon.

So, if you want to be briefed regularly keep in touch with BriefLink.io .

Why can't I register to get premium features?

I will be the briefest here: BriefLink.io was launched in May 2020, it's still a growing baby. Be patient and you will be duly rewarded.

As you see briefness is our lifestyle,

The BriefTeam


But why the link looks so random and meaningless? I'm glad you asked!

Here is how your secure link is structured: