Share a confidential message

Write here your confidential message, a link will then be generated allowing you to share your message. Your private message is self-destructed on the expiration date or when the reading limit is reached!

Custom your link lifetime :

This service allows you to send or store any text message in the cloud anonymously, temporarily, and share it easily via a secured link. It's a free cloud based anonymous private notes hosting service.



How do I use it and how does it work? It's very simple.


1) Write your message in the text area:

For totally anonymous users, the message length is limited to 5 000 000 characters. This is just enough to fit the entire Harry Potter series in there, that seems reasonable enough no ? Also, you can use emojis all over the place obviously 😃👍. Registered users can go up to 10 000 000 characters, but does it really make a difference?


2) Adjust your link lifetime settings:

We provide you with multiple settings to customize your private note lifetime according to your needs. You can make it last minutes or days, have a limited audience or an unlimited one. Registered users have access to a wider range of settings (check our features page for more details).


3) Validate your message:

By clicking the "generate my private link" button, you will send your secret message to our servers via a secure SSL tunnel, it will then be compressed, encrypted (with AES-256 using a strong random password) and then stored in our databases. We will recall you about the expiration conditions of your link in the confirmation page.


4) Share your private link with anyone:

The final step is to share your self destructing message link via your favorite service. The share buttons we present you will pre-fill for you a message with the expiration date and click limit in addition to the link. Of course the temporary link is very simple to share via any mean and doesn't require any application to be opened, with only a simple browser you can open any BriefLink.



One last step? Share with your friends!

BriefLink is a free service, our goal is to propose a simple but useful web tool for anyone to use, the more users the more happy we will be! Please consider making a donation (once we set up an account on a donation platform...), BriefLink is free to use and ad-free, but maintaining our network infrastructure and servers is pretty expensive ! By supporting us with any donation you can be part of our team.